Corporate Security


... autumn and winter are the months favoured by thieves - it gets dark early which presents them with endless opportunities.
Oxon Security are providing exclusive Corporate Security Solutions to companies, organizations and individuals throughout the UK. We provide permanent and temporary security services to retail stores, shopping centres, offices and buildings through our highly professional staff.

Mobile Patrols

Feel free while you are away from your business whether at home or out of town. With Oxon Security you don’t have to have any unnecessary worries. With our fully marked and radio fitted mobile patrols we will manage any situation that may arise, so you have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected and is in good hands.
Every night our specialized security staff visit and check various sites using our mobile patrols at irregular intervals and unspecified times, particularly during the silent hours, weekends and holiday periods. The activities of our mobile patrols are controlled by the GPS tracking device system and the control room We ensure efficiency and effectiveness, providing clients with a detailed report confirming visits and rounds of inspection in a proper manner.
The GPS tracking devices enable us to react quickly and deploy the nearest patrol vehicle. Our officers, who are properly trained, react swiftly and calmly. They also contact the police instantly and keep track of any doubtful characters while protecting your premises.

Emergency Security

Have you experienced any unforeseen and dangerous situation and didn’t know how to handle it? We can imagine how you felt.
You now don’t need to panic if anything comes up. Just give us a call and we will be there to help you anytime. Oxon Security are here for you 24 hours 7 days a week with our exclusive security service.
Our quick, sharp, dutiful and well versed officers are highly skilled in first aid, undergo risk assessment, surveillance awareness, investigation, search awareness and are fully aware of all fire and emergency equipment. They are well trained in the evacuation procedures for the premises and always the best tactics and diplomacy to control any situation, conflict or dealing with intruders.

Hotel Security

Are you short of night porters or night security guards? Don’t you have anybody who will be willing to stay during the night and professionally ensure that your guests and property are safe? Or maybe you just need to secure the atmosphere of the hotel during the day. . . Across all situations, aspects or phases of the hotel and hotel resort operations, Oxon Security are here to provide you with a risk-based control framework to protect your valuable guests and hotel properties. Our professionally trained officers always make your guests welcome upon the arrival and share polite and appropriate comments upon their departure.


We are fully aware that personal security is very sensitive by its nature. Oxon Security always assure you of complete loyalty, secrecy and professionalism prior to, during and upon competition of any mission. Keeping in view the delicacy and sensitivity of the job or service we provide highly professional, well experienced and fully vetted officers in the UK. We consider the individual requirement of our clients and deploy the officer with a profile that is appropriate to the task environment. All personnel are recruited and vetted through a procedure of the highest standard to ensure they have the accurate mix of operational and regional experience. Each time before commencing the mission they are given comprehensive pre-deploy training which encompasses the full mission assignment.