Functions & Events


For every successful event you need a safe and welcoming environment for both the staff and attendees.

Oxon Security are here for you to give you great support and peace of mind by managing the event. Our specialist security staff have been recruited, screened and trained to the highest standards and are here to provide you with a range of comprehensive range of services including:

  • front of house stewarding
  • traffic control
  • crowd management
  • to VIP security
  • personal searches

We are unique in the industry as we evaluate every facet of your forthcoming event i.e. location, size, display, attendees, VIPs and any special requirements to draft a detailed plan for all aspects of your event. Our plan covers personnel and equipment requirements and all necessary procedures – with your advice and consultation.

We have the experience to organize various types of short and long term events including trade shows, exhibitions, sporting events, live music concerts, festivals, conferences and weddings.

Traffic Management & Car Parking

Do you have problems at your premises with illegal or careless parking?

Unsure how to deal with general traffic management interruption?

Oxon Security will help you to manage the traffic and tackle the problem in full compliance with Health and Safety regulations. We know that these increasing issues cause frustration to many owners or occupiers. Our highly experienced and professional staff are tactfully trained to identify these abuses and provide peaceful and fast solutions for you.

Door Supervision

Our well-versed door supervisors are SIA licence holders and fully trained to create a pleasant and secure atmosphere for all stakeholders. Our team consists of well behaved and well mannered officers who always welcome visitors in a sociable manner.

We afocus on maintaining a pleasant working environment as we ensure the safety of the public and staff. Our officers diligently and actively perform all tasks such as screening customers as per company policy, ensuring that entertainers are allowed to perform without interference, ensuring that troublemakers are quickly identified and that the matter is dealt with quickly and as quietly as possible, using the minimum of force.

Any incidents that may occur are fully documented in the incident report book, on the same night or day that the incident occurs, ensuring that all standards required by both the law and company are maintained at all times.


We are fully aware that personal security is very sensitive by its nature.

Oxon Security always assure you of complete loyalty, secrecy and professionalism prior to, during and upon completion of any assignment.

Keeping in view the delicacy and sensitivity of the job or service we provide highly professional, well experienced and fully vetted officers in the UK.

We consider the individual requirement of our clients and deploy the officer with a profile that is appropriate to the task and environment.

All personnel are recruited and vetted to ensure they have the right blend of operational and regional experience. Before commencing any role our officers are given comprehensive pre-deploy training which encompasses the full mission assignment.