Mobile Patrols

Feel free while you are away from your business whether at home or out of town. With Oxon Security you don’t have to have any unnecessary worries. With our fully marked and radio fitted mobile patrols we will manage any situation that may arise, so you have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected and is in good hands.

Every night our specialized security staff visit and check various sites using our mobile patrols at irregular intervals and unspecified times, particularly during the silent hours, weekends and holiday periods. The activities of our mobile patrols are controlled by the GPS tracking device system and the control room. We ensure efficiency and effectiveness, providing clients with a detailed report confirming visits and rounds of inspection in a proper manner.

The GPS tracking devices enable us to react quickly and deploy the nearest patrol vehicle. Our officers, who are properly trained, react swiftly and calmly. They also contact the police instantly and keep track of any doubtful characters while protecting your premises.

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